Hetronic Australasia is now the distributor for all Hetronic products within Australia, New Zealand and the?South Pacific. Hetronic Australasia specialises in the custom design and manufacture of?industrial Radio Remote Control (RRC) systems. From concept to production our knowledgeable and well trained employess ensure high level technical engineering design? along with through life technical support.

We examine all of your RRC project needs in detail and supply RRC equipment that provides world class safety and operation in the toughest industrialized environments. As we understand the specifics of each customer application we are able to develop custom control systems that are intrinsically safe, high performance and ruggedly reliable.

The benefits Hetronic Australasia can offer our customers include:

  • Local RRC system design
  • High level technical engineering and software design
  • Full training for product operation
  • Through life technical support
  • RRC Repairs and maintenance
  • IEC Ex system repairs and maintenance