HMS Equipment

To provide our customers with superior equipment, service, and support to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Guiding Principles

Accountability Design is the first step to building our customers’ trust.
Quality The HMS brand promise is first and foremost one of quality and integrity; quality being designed into every product.
Inspiration The goal behind the HMS product is to inspire the user and enhance their experience.
Progression HMS product design meets the functional requirements of our current and future members through the use of appropriate technology and resources.
Simplistic HMS design is functional and intuitive in both line and form.
Responsible HMS design incorporates social and environmental responsibility as an inherent part of our conceptual thinking.
Dynamic HMS design responds to the evolution of our membership.
Jamie Howard with HMS Awards

Jamie Howard with the Award Winning HMS200 Mini Loader 

HMS announced as a Semi-Finalist in the 2016 Australian Technologies Competition (ATC16)

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HMS Mini Loader Attachments

HMS – Mini Loader Promo

HMS Mini Loader – In Action – Under Conveyor

Fire Protected-Heavy Duty HMS Mini Loader w/ 35″ Big Foot Trencher

HMS Mini Loader – In Action – Culvert Cleaning